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Jools' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[12 Nov 2002|04:07pm]
[ mood | happy ]

This is friends only. If you want to add me, then add me and I might add you back. :D

Back [09 Sep 2002|03:36pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

I'm back!
Oh yes. :D
Not too sure what I'll use this journal for but I will use it.

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[27 Jun 2002|09:12pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Just in case any of you were wondering, I've given up on this journal. :D

Hayfever [17 Jun 2002|03:21pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Today has to be the worst day so far, hayfeverwise. It was crap. :-/
Before I'd even got to work I was sneezing like a mad woman, and while the boss was waffling on about something I was rubbing my eyes so much they went bloodshot and all day long I had people asking me if I had been crying. I looked, and still look in a right state. I look like I've been crying all day long and feel exhausted like I have been crying all day! Please God let it rain tomorrow, just tomorrow while I'm at work, you can make the weather nice on Wednesday and Thursday when I am off work and at home to rest. :D

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[16 Jun 2002|09:48pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Just thought I'd do a quick update.
Not a lot to say really as all I've been doing is working. We're short staffed again which means we'll have to probably work more hours, have less days off and be more tired! Josh has been working longer hours, some evenings till 10pm and weekends too. It's all good tho as we can't afford to go out and do stuff anyway as we're going on holiday in 3 weeks and need all our money for that, as I want it to be a great holiday. It won't make much of a difference to us, not being able to go out anyway, as we don't go out at weekends as I work weekends and after I've done a shift at the hotel I'm in no fit state to go out and socialise. :D My brother wants us to go out next weekend but I said NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. No going out, we need to save our money and we actually want to spend time alone when we do get time together, some people don't seem to understand that!

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[14 Jun 2002|03:39pm]
[ mood | content ]

I have bought myself a lovely new address book.
It's purple, hardbacked with cats on the front.
Very nice indeedy.
I'd like some addresses to put into it so when your birthdays are coming up, I can send you a lovely card/maybe pressie and other random things at random times to surprise you. :D
I've done a little poll for you to fill in your addresses for me, if you don't want to, that's fine, no one else can view the results but myself. You could always email me and let me know your address also to jools113@hotmail.com.

Poll #40440 Address

Can I have your address to put in my new address book?

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Clumsy cow [30 May 2002|11:52am]
[ mood | sore ]

I am a very clumsy person, but you must have all realised this from previous posts.
I was just in the kitchen, cutting through the middle of a bread bun and decided to try to cut through my hand too.
I am quite scary. I have no sense of fear or understanding deep in my mind about knives. I don't seem to understand that they are sharp and can cut me until it happens. Usually, I pass any sharp-knife work onto Josh and he does it for me, but he's at work. *sigh* I should have just had a cup-a-soup instead. ROFL!

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Conversation between me and ICQ no 143282121 [29 May 2002|12:47pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Harry: Sweetie here I am a slave for you
I'll do anything to please you
I would bring to you each morning
words of love, pretty flowers
and even polish your shoes

Me: my shoes are clean enough thank you

Harry: oh pretty
If loving you is wrong
Then my heart knows not what is right
I cry myself to sleep
I’d walk a thousand miles
And cry a thousand tears
Just to know your love
Will be waiting for me
But what is there to feel?
When you don’t feel the same?
I know I can’t have you
But still I give my love away

Me: bleh, you need to get out more

Him: what

Me: messaging a stranger that sort of thing

Him: after all u r going to be my wife

Me: who the hell are you?

Him: ia m hari from india

Me: well you don't know me so how can you say I will marry you, you idiot?

Him: u r my dream gal

Me: am I?
What do you like about me then?

Read more...Collapse )

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[29 May 2002|10:08am]
[ mood | content ]

Eeh, 3 days off work now, the weather is bad outside so I am gonna stay inside for most of the day I think. I'll have to pop out later, I need to get some stamps and a paper.
My throat is still a bit sore but it's not as bad as it was last night which is good news. Moan, moan, moan.
I've got 3 DVDs in the post today, from ukcamgirl so they'll keep me quiet for a while. I've also got lots of housework to do, get the place looking a bit nicer. We could really do with some more things for storage to stop making the place look so cluttered. We need bookcases, shelves and such things. I keep saying Josh can make his own but you know what it's like when you are waiting for a man to do something! :D

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[28 May 2002|03:01pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Taking a few peeps off my list again.
Cos I can and it's only a list and I've not got time to read them all.
I'll still keep in touch with you via ICQ and such things. :-)

[27 May 2002|06:01pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Okies .... I have decided to cut down my friends list.
The people I am cutting off my friends list really are people who I chat to on ICQ/MSN and have their phone numbers, and generally try to keep in touch with anyway, people who I met via LJ but as things change, I am just gonna keep in touch with them via chat and such things.
Not all people who I text and chat via ICQ will go, this is just a trial thingy, to cut down my time in trying to read posts and stuff.
I'm also deleting peeps who don't post much.
People who don't comment much or reply to my comments much.
And a few other peeps who I don't want on my list anymore for whatever reason.
Simple as that!

[21 May 2002|04:28pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Today I have downloaded an audio book on hypnosis and deep sleep.
I shall try and give it a go later, not yet as I've got my Aqua Fit class later and would like to go to that wide awake.
I think it's because of the weather really that's keeping me awake through the night, I know it's nothing worrying me, as I'm pretty placid at the moment.
I'm just listening to this audio book at the moment, the guy's voice is sooooooo boring and droning I think anyone would fall into a deep sleep afer listening to him for 25 minutes! ROFL!

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[20 May 2002|10:32pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Well, the Health and Safety meeting was as boring as expected but at least I'm home now and with Josh.
I've put a few more of my videos up for sale on Amazon, see if anything happens with them. Anything I sell is good as they're just sitting in the spare room at the moment.
I'm just gonna search for some more movies to download from Kazaa and then I'm getting in bed with Harry Potter. Ooh, Josh too! ;)
Sorry I've not been commenting on posts these past few days, I've not had the chance, but I'll be off work on Wednesday and Thursday so I'll catch up a bit then.
*waves goodnight*

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[09 May 2002|09:16pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Poll #32888 Movie

Please can you recommend a recent"ish" movie for me to download. :-)

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Fucking pissed off [08 May 2002|03:00pm]
[ mood | angry ]

I might as well make this a fucking public post as there's no bloody point in using my "trusted friends" post with only a handful of people in it as they'll only send emails to Josh, using the following email address bobbuilder500@hotmail.com with the whole post, that I ASKED to be kept private. I'd spoken to Josh about it anyway, so it's not annoyed me in that sense, as I do talk to my boyfriend. I'm just so fucked off that one of you has done this to me. I'm in tears now I'm that fucking angry.

Someone would only do that who wanted to cause major problems with myself and Josh. what the fuck have I done to you?

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My friends list alphabet. "A" [08 May 2002|10:24am]
[ mood | energetic ]


Caz is my little sis! Or that's how I think of her anyway. We get on extremely well and we're going to have a scream when we finally meet up hopefully some time in the summer. Caz is a great mum to James, who is a bit more than a handful! The first person to be mentioned and my closest internet friend, I love her to bits! If she's not already on your friends list, I recommend you add her right now!

Click here for the rest of the 'A' crewCollapse )
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[07 May 2002|09:24pm]
[ mood | creative ]

What do you think of my new user pic?

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[07 May 2002|07:28pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Joke my dad just sent me by text -

Can you tell which blonde is the waitress?, she's the one with the tampon behind her ear, wondering what she did with the pencil. LOL

Think it's time I got off the PC now, I've been on it enough today.
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[07 May 2002|12:43pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I've decided today to add some new people to my friends list, not that I'm getting rid of any of my current friends, and it's not that I've got more time on my hands but I just fancy getting to know a few new people, so if you have found I've added you, I hope you don't mind. :-)

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I've named my hamster ........... [07 May 2002|09:08am]
[ mood | impressed ]

Say hello to "PAVLUSHKA" - which means "little".
I think it suits him.

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